The Real Estate Circus is Back in Town

by Lee on March 4, 2014

At first I thought I might have inadvertently entered a time-warp.

Around our house we sometimes listen to the radio while fixing breakfast. Normally I absent-mindedly tune out commercials, but happened to actively listen the other morning. I thought it sounded like 2007.  I was dumbfounded to hear back to back commercials offering seminars for folks to how to learn to flip houses.  This wasn’t the same ad run twice, it was two ads by different companies!  Both offered to reveal the secret of how to make “fast cash” using “other peoples’ money” with little effort.

In the same program break there was at least one, maybe two ads by mortgage companies.  One advertised a cash out refi!

How many years has it been since the real estate bubble burst?  Does it really only take 7 years for people to forget the painful lessons of over leveraging debt?  Or is this just aimed at a new crop of something-for-nothing dreamers?

I imagine it won’t be long until I hear something about how real estate only goes up in value……


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