Antique Tractor Therapy

by Lee on May 26, 2016


Farmall Super A 130HC with 1A sickle bar mower attached

It’s spring going on summer and around here that means the grass is growing.  As are the thistles.  Time to mow.  Our grass is measured in acres so the typical lawn mower isn’t going to cut it.

Mowing the field

Mowing the back field

There’s something therapeutic about mowing with an antique tractor and a sickle bar mower.  In my case it’s a 1956 Farmall 130HC (the “HC” is for high clearance).  Although OSHA wouldn’t approve (zero safety interlocks), it runs like a sewing machine cutting grass and everything else regardless of height.

Even with an owner’s manual the sickle bar mower was a challenge to learn how to properly set up.  There’s a good deal of “hit-hard-here” to it.

And there’s a reason why I suggested OSHA wouldn’t approve.  Lots of lost fingers, three legged dogs, and headless pheasants are attributed to sickle bar mowers.  I always lock our dog out of fields when mowing.


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