Fannie Mae Loan Look-Up Tool

Find out if your loan is owned by Fannie Mae here.

Freddie Mac Loan Look-Up Tool

Find out if Freddie Mac owns your loan here.

Foreclosure Fairness Act (WA State)

Requires mediation prior to foreclosure if requested by owner occupied homeowner.  Effective July 22,2011.

HUD Homes for Sale in Washington

Current searchable inventory of HUD homes available in WA State

Short Sales – Seller Advisory

What every seller contemplating a short sale should know.

Washington Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide

Washington State foreclosure timeline

Note this has been impacted by the Foreclosure Fairness Act which will be effective July 22, 2011.

Washington State Bar Assoc Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project

Washington State Foreclosure Law



Below are vendors we’ve found who deliver particular value.  We use them and recommend them.

Acme Diner

Located in (obviously) the City of Acme, the Acme Diner is newly remodeled and under new ownership (previously known as the Acme Cafe).  Frequented primarily by locals and SR-9 travelers in the know, this non franchise eatery offers unique fare not easily found elsewhere.  They grind their own hamburger and make their pastries and ice cream in-house.  Ask about ordering the “special” hamburger buns as you may not see it on the menu.  Parking is limited.  Look for 30-40 motorcycles on a sunny weekend day.

Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill

Located in Burlington in an industrial park/area, their facility is a little hard to find the first time.  In other words, hard to find, easy to access.  We’re keenly interested in obtaining the freshest ingredients so we purchase wheat berries in bulk and grind our own flower when we need it.  We’re also concerned about food security- knowing what’s in the food we eat.  Fairhaven Mill solves both issues.  Plus, their products are locally grown.

Rudy’s Bar-BQ Sause

We were introduced to Rudy’s when visiting our friends Kim & Scott in Corpus Christi.  We love it and brought back a couple of quarts.  They have both the “regular” version and the “sissy sause” for those with a more sensitive palate.  You can purchase their products on-line.

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